Should Brandao be banned for life for Motta headbutt?

Quite simply, yes…

Bastia were 2-0 down to Paris Saint-Germain when manager Claude Makelele decided to substitute off veteran striker Brandao in the 72nd minute. The match fizzled out, but whilst the rest of the players were swapping shirts on the pitch, Brandao was waiting in the tunnel for an unsuspecting Thiago Motta. The video above shows the rest.

Motta walks in and Brandao approaches him and plants his head into his face, which subsequently broke Motta’s nose, putting him out of action for at least 4 matches, according to PSG’s medical team.

But after landing the headbutt, Brandao was quick to scurry back to his changing room, as an enraged Motta chased after him. While blood streams down Motta’s face, a confused Makelele, who is a PSG legend himself, tries to calm him down and show his support to Motta.

PSG have refused to take legal action against Brandao, suggesting that UEFA (and Bastia themselves) should take care of the matter, but have made their point very clear through their President, Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

Al-Khelaifi, speaking during a television interview with BEin Sport, stated, “We want him banned for life!”

He should have to face this ban, and there’s a chance that he will. Bastia have reportedly claimed they’re on the verge of cancelling their contract with the Brazilian forward, whilst UEFA have seemingly stated they will make a full enquiry and make a decision based on the facts and video evidence.

Unfortunately, there has been no prior precedent set by UEFA. The Luis Suarez bite on Giorgio Chiellini was the first global ban we have seen in recent times, and despite their recent stance on his appeal, they did give Suarez, and subsequently Barcelona, some leeway with the case.

But how can you compare a bite in the heat of battle, that left some teeth marks, against a pre-meditated head-butt, that has broke Motta’s nose?

You cannot… That’s why Brandao should, and hopefully will, receive a huge ban. I feel UEFA need to set an example and precedent here, there is no need for that kind of behaviour and in my opinion he should have to face the consequences of such a thuggish act.

Does Brandao’s attack on Motta warrant a longer ban that Suarez’s bite on Chiellini? Leave a comment below.