VIDEO: Goalkeeper sent off for touching opponents bum

The Premier League has witnessed some strange and controversial red card decisions over the past few years, such as Eden Hazard’s red for mugging a ball-boy, or Kieran Gibbs’ sending off for looking a little too much like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

However, they don’t quite come close to the ref’s strange decision in the video above. In a game between Hondorus’ Liga Nacional sides Real Sociedad and Marathón, the ref seemingly dismissed the visiting goalkeeper for.. touching an opposing player’s butt.

The perpetrator gets to the ball ahead of his victim and gives him a gentle pat to hurry him along, before booting the ball upfield – clearly unaware of the crime he has committed. The ref, however, stops the game, jogs down the field and dismisses him.

Luckily, the dismissal didn’t cause too many problems for Marathón and the game remained 1-1 till the end.

The decision is made so much worse by the fact that his hand doesn’t even make solid contact.