VIDEO: Chelsea’s Willian ruins £30,000 Audi

Willian smashed up an Audi, but not in the way most footballers do..

We’re used to hearing about footballers wrecking cars in this day and age, as their ludicrous wage packets provide them with enough money to do as they please.

However, rather than driving it through a brick wall, or setting it on fire just because, Willian does it with a pin-point pass which snaps the mirror clean off before bouncing inside the car.

As a Chelsea fan, I’m not quite sure how this video makes me feel.. On the one hand, it’s nice to know that we have a player that can hit such a small target from such a distance, but on the other, that’s a £30,000 car that I would do just about anything to own, and there they are punting footballs at it.

At least it wasn’t the £100,000 R8 Spyder next to it, I guess.