VIDEO: Ronaldo claims Messi is ‘worse than Bendtner’

Ronaldo: Messi, you’re worse than Bendtner!’

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo claims Messi is worse than Arsenal legend Nicklas Bendtner in this hilariously dubbed video.

The pair have battled it out for the ‘world’s best’ title for years, with either of the two claiming the Ballon d’Or title since its inception back in 2010, but opinion is still split between them. If the video is anything to go by, Ronaldo clearly views himself as better than the player he labels “the try-hard” and “the show-off”. Although, just to clear up any uncertainty, the video is fake.

Barcelona host Real Madrid in the second El Clasico of the season tonight, which kicks off at 8pm live on Sky Sports.