VIDEO: Wayne Rooney knocked out by Stoke’s Phil Bardsley in kitchen punch-up

The Sun newspaper has obtained footage of Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney boxing with Stoke City defender Phil Bardsley in his kitchen. Surrounded by sharp corners, the football star is knocked out cold by a swift punch delivered by his fellow professional.

The pair are seen donning boxing gloves as they spend close to a minute cuddling each other. Rooney seemingly likes the soft play, as he leans in for another hug. However, Bardsley then deals a knockout blow that puts his sparring partner on the floor.

The England captain comes agonisingly close to hitting his head on the kitchen table. Rooney escaped with nothing more than a bit of a headache and a bruised ego. However, he appears to momentarily lose consciousness as his head bounces off of the tiled floor.

According to the newspaper, a source who witnessed the incident admitted said:

“Wayne had everybody worried when he hit the floor like that. He made such a thud when he went down and he was just on his back with his eyes closed, not moving.”

The incident, which could have resulted in lasting damage, isn’t likely to have gone down too well with those in charge at Old Trafford. The club currently pays the skipper £300,000-a-week. His antics could have cost them dearly had the resulting injuries been more serious.

Although, Rooney shrugged off the incident during Manchester United’s 3-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur.

Some were questioning whether Rooney should feature prior to the game. However, he managed to produce the goods after leading United out.

After scoring the Red Devils’ final goal, the England front-man proceeded to re-enact the incident, throwing a punch before collapsing to the ground.

The latest controversy

The Wayne Rooney boxing knockout incident isn’t the only time that the former Manchester United man has made the headlines for the wrong reasons.

The footballer has previously drawn negative media attention for his marital affairs and out of control drinking. Likewise, he was the talk of the transfer window back in 2014, as he used interest from Chelsea to earn himself a bumper new deal with his current employers.