1.1 These terms and conditions, as well as the the standard Website terms and conditions (found here, known as “Terms”) will be referred to as the “Wembley Competition Rules”.
1.2 Words used in the Terms will have the same meaning within the Competition Rules. Please make sure you have read both the Terms and Competition Rules.
1.3 The competition will be referred to throughout these terms as the “Wembley Competition”.

2.1 In order to be entered into the Wembley Competition you must be a registered RetainPossession.com contributor.
2.2 In order to be entered you must be a UK resident.
2.3 In order to be entered you must be aged 15 or over. Proof of identity and age may be required.

3.1 The prize offered is as stated. It is not transferable to another individual and no cash or other alternative will be offered.
3.2 The winner is responsible for any further expenses and arrangements that are not specifically mentioned, including travel.
3.3 The prize given is also subject to the suppliers’ terms and conditions.
3.4 In the event that the stated prize is unavailable, We reserve the right to offer an alternative prize of equal value.
3.5 We are not responsible for replacing any lost, stolen or expired prizes.

4.1 We reserve the alter or amend the Wembley Competition Rules at any time.
4.2 We reserve the right to reject or disqualify participants that we feel are not participating fairly.
4.3 We reserve the right to withdraw or modify the Wembley Competition at any time.
4.4 The winner of the Wembley Competition will be determined by the rules stated within the Wembley Competition details, however We have the final say in who wins.

5.1 The winner(s) agree(s) to the use of their name and photograph and will co-operate with any other requests, within reason, relating to any post-winning publicity.
5.2 The winner(s) agree(s) not try to re-distribute, swap or exchange their prize.
5.3 Reasonable efforts will be made to contact the winner(s). However, if We are unable to contact the winner(s), We reserve the right to offer the prize to the runner-up(s).
5.4 Failure to respond and/or provide a valid address for delivery may result in forfeiture of the prize.
5.5 Failure to meet the eligibility requirements, or breach of any of Our Terms, may result in forfeiture of the prize.

6.1 Content submitted as a part of the Wembley Competition is subject to the standard Terms and Conditions.
6.2 For Content to be counted as a part of the Wembley Competition, it must be published on the Website. It is at our discretion to decide what counts and what doesn’t.
6.3 Any Content which we find to breach any of our Terms and Conditions will result in disqualification from the Wembley Competition.