Wembley stadium tickets CC image by Martin Pettitt

Our contributors provide a large amount of the content which keeps RetainPossession going. We are extremely thankful for all of the articles you guys submit, but to show you just how thankful we really are, we are giving one of our contributors the chance to visit Wembley Stadium, the home of the England national team.

If you aren’t a RetainPossession contributor already, don’t worry! You can still win – just click here and sign up before it’s too late.

In order to determine who is most deserving of the prize, a countdown will begin at midnight (BST) on October 1st 2014 and run for exactly one month, ending at midnight on November 1st 2014.

The contributor who has had the most articles published within the month will be crowned the winner and claim the prize – simple as.

The winner will receive a voucher which entitles them and a friend to a tour of the 90,000-seater stadium.

You will step into the boots of an England international,  getting a peek into the player changing room, treatment room and warm up zone, before taking the walk down the tunnel and out onto the field. You will also get the opportunity to grab a photo in the Royal Box with a replica FA Cup, so much sure you take a camera.

There are unfortunately some terms and conditions, so please read those before you participate. The winner will be contacted by email once the timer ends.